Thursday, December 28, 2006

A Video Blogging Podcast

TalkShoe - Talkcast - Maiden Voyage of New Mediacracy (Direct MP3 link enclosure):
"Zadi Diaz, Steve Garfield, and Steve Woolf take the TalkShoe system for a spin..."
Steve Woolf, Zadi Diaz and I talk about new media including:
We'll post a schedule for New Mediacracy and set up a new website ASAP.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Snowed Under in Southern California

004 - Catching up, community, and thanks (0:35:09) (direct MP3 link)

Featuring Zadi Diaz and Steve Woolf from their Los Angeles apartment.

Been a while, hasn't it. Well, we're back to catch up on things. Like many videobloggers, we have been presented with a bunch of opportunities and we're far too paranoid to pass on any of them, which makes for an interesting schedule. We talk about JETSET, a new television pilot we're working on, how to involve the community in our TV project, the online dustups in the videoblogging community, and send end-of-year shout outs to a bunch of people. We know we forgot some people, so please forgive us if you're not mentioned!!!

Mentioned on the show:

JETSET, TalkShoe, Steve Garfield, Halloween Vlogfest, UTA, Amanda Congdon on ABC News, Ask a Ninja DVD, Brian Lerner, Josh Finn, Jim Kirks, Irina Slutsky and Eddie Codel, Casey McKinnon and Rudy Jahchan, Jay Dedman and Ryanne Hodson, Lan Bui and Vu Bui, Bonny Pierzina, Rick Rey and Eric Rey, Doug Sarine, David Prager, Jonny Goldstein, Chuck Olsen, Scott Simpson, Anastasia Goodstein, Felicia Williams and Alexandra Delyle, Dave Toole and Morty Wiggins, Mike Hudack and Dina Kaplan and Charles Hope, Chris Brogan, Jeff Pulver, David Tenzer, Micki Krimmel, Tim Shey, Sunny Gault and Sarah Szalavitz, Warren Chao, Sanjay Reddy, Ben Cote, Andre Sala, Heather Vescent, Roger Goff, Barrett Garese, Lucas Gonze, Thom Kozik and Brian Nelson, Brandon, Nathan Miller, Drew Olanoff and Shauna Paukune, Ben Williams,, Josh Shipp, Andrew Baron