Monday, September 11, 2006

Zadi and Steve on PodPad

We had a nice afternoon with Jay Goldstein and Desmond Ortega at the YakkYakk offices and studio in Santa Monica last Thursday. Desmond interviewed us for his new show, PodPad, where he talks to podcasters and videobloggers.

Check out PodPad on (Click on Episode 3 for our interview)

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These guys have a setup that most of us would enjoy, to say the least. Several executive offices and studios with very fine mics indeed. Mike the engineer was a great guy, too. Everyone seemed very excited about the future of all this stuff.

We spent a lot of time talking with Jay, who gave us a tour of the place and enjoys chewing the fat about online media almost as much as us. ;)

Desmond has about five shows that he hosts. One of them is The View From Planet Desmond for those of you craving a political podcast. Check out some of the other shows on -- one of them is TayPod with the very funny comedian Taylor Negron.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

On the (videoblog) Road Again...

003 - Producing videblogs for companies. What's a vlog again? (0:25:30)

Featuring Zadi Diaz and Steve Woolf on the road from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

We touch on's vlog production company, and Richard BF's post discussed on the Yahoo videoblogging group.

Mentioned on the show:

Jet Set Show,, Roger, Richard BF, Verdi, Casey, Yahoo videoblogging group

Don't drink and drive... :)